3 Angels players who won't be on the roster by September 1

The Angels roster will look different when September rolls around
Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels - Game Two
Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels - Game Two / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Angels roster looks quite different now than it did in the month of July. The Angels acquired a slew of players in trades. Chase Silseth is a member of the rotation now and pitching well, Logan O'Hoppe is back, and Nolan Schanuel shocked the world by getting his call-up.

The Angels are healthier now than they've been in a while even if they haven't played well as a team, and will continue to get reinforcements with Mike Trout expected back fairly soon.

By the time September comes around, the Angels roster will once again look different. They should be even healthier than they are now, and even if they aren't competing for a playoff spot, games should be more interesting with some young guys surrounded by Trout and Ohtani. Here're some players you can expect to be sent down or DFA'd before September 1.

1) LA Angels outfielder Jordyn Adams has proven he's not MLB-ready

Jordyn Adams looked like another Angels first round pick who wasn't going to develop into anything as he didn't hit much in the minors through the 2022 season. Adams then had a really solid spring training and good offensive numbers in the minors which helped earn him a call-up in August.

Adams had much-improved offensive numbers which put himself on the Angels radar, but make no mistake. The 23-year-old was called up because of his glove and his legs. Adams came up with the reputation of being a really strong outfielder with blazing speed. Unfortunately, those skills haven't shown themselves.

Adams had a rough debut in Atlanta defensively, and his error against the Rays opened the door to a big inning from them in the second game of the doubleheader against Tampa Bay. Adams did record two hits in that game which is good, but those are his only hits in 14 at-bats with six strikeouts overall which is less good.

The outfielder could find himself back up at some point this season or next, but it's pretty clear he has some things to work on. He'll go down when Trout comes back and I'd recommend doing it now and bring up a guy like Brett Phillips who can defend and run at a high level.