3 Angels trade deadline targets failing with their new teams

The Angels have been horrific since the trade deadline, but so have some of their potential targets.

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3) LA Angels trade deadline target Michael Lorenzen is failing with the Philadelphia Phillies

It was definitely a bit on the unrealistic side for the Angels to make a trade for Michael Lorenzen after letting him walk this offseason, but that's not to say it wouldn't have made sense.

The right-hander had a nice year for the Angels in what was his first MLB season being just a starting pitcher, and he was searching for an opportunity to do so again in 2023. The Angels didn't offer him that opportunity, but the Tigers did. He rewarded Detroit by making his first all-star team and having a great year before being flipped to the Phillies at the deadline.

Lorenzen's Phillies career got off to a great start. He allowed two runs in eight innings in a road win in Miami, and then, in his home debut, wound up throwing a no-hitter against the Nationals. Those were two great moments for Lorenzen and the Phillies, but ever since those first two starts, much like Candelario, things have really gone downhill.

The 31-year-old has a 7.96 ERA in his last five starts, raising his Phillies ERA to 5.23 overall. His struggles have made him the odd-man out in Philadelphia's rotation as they move from a six-man rotation to a traditional five-man. Lorenzen will now be working out of the bullpen, at least for the timebeing.

Lorenzen can absolutely be a valuable reliever as he has been in the past, but that's not why Philadelphia traded for him. The Lucas Giolito deal, of course, was awful. Lorenzen's deal has been better, but the longer things go on, the gap is tightening.