3 Angels who deserve the most blame for Shohei Ohtani jumping ship, joining Dodgers

The Angels deserve plenty of blame for Shohei Ohtani leaving.
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Introduce Shohei Ohtani
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Introduce Shohei Ohtani / Josh Lefkowitz/GettyImages
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1) Arte Moreno

There's a reason Angels fans were celebrating as if they had won the World Series when Arte Moreno announced he was going to explore a sale of the team. There's a reason Angels fans were as distraught as they had ever been once it was announced that Moreno was pulling the team off the market. His tenure as the team's owner has been an utter failure, with the Ohtani departure being the latest knock.

Fans for the last couple of years have criticized the Angels for their refusal to trade Ohtani and rebuild while the team failed to win enough. The reason why was Arte Moreno. He did not want to lose the money Ohtani generated for his team. He didn't want to spend it either.

Moreno has always been against going over the luxury tax. He's finished one season of the 20 he's owned this team over the luxury tax. That season was his first as the team's owner. It looked like the Angels were headed there for the second time this season, but the Angels wound up placing six players on waivers, losing five, and just barely skating under.

The only way this Angels team would've won anything would've been if they went crazy with their payroll, but Moreno's refusal to spend like a big market team negated that. The reason the Angels had to spend to win, is because they haven't been able to develop talent internally. The reason the Angels haven't been able to develop talent internally is because of Arte Moreno's refusal to give the Angels an adequate budget in that area. It's player payroll and nothing else, and he doesn't even go all in on the MLB payroll.

Arte Moreno has long been the worst owner in MLB, and Ohtani jumping ship only validates that statement further. The only positive that comes from Shohei leaving is it might push Moreno to finally sell the team. That's what Angels fans have to look forward to.

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