3 Baltimore Orioles players the Angels should demand in a Shohei Ohtani trade

If the Angels trade Shohei Ohtani, the Orioles should be one of the teams they consider dealing with.
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3) Orioles outfielder Colton Cowser

Ranked as the second-best prospect in the Orioles system, Cowser recently made his debut with the big league club. Though he's struggled in his short time in the majors, his past stats suggest that it won't be long before he starts contributing at the top level.

Cowser earned his spot in the majors by posting a .996 OPS in 56 games with AAA Norfolk this year. That included 10 home runs, and he walked nearly as often as he struck out, showing rare discipline for a 23-year-old.

Cowser is a plus defensive prospect, with MLB.com saying, "He’s shown he can play solid center field with good instincts, but long term he might be better suited in a corner, where he could be a very good defender with an above-average arm."

Cowser is the third left-handed bat we've mentioned, which makes sense if the Angels are losing Ohtani.

For the Orioles, Ohtani represents everything that could put them over the top this year. His pitching ability would instantly make him the best arm in the O's rotation, while his bat would supplement an already scary young lineup that's only getting better.

For the Angels, the Orioles have such depth in their farm system that a trade could be made that would allow Arte Moreno to sleep at night. The Orioles and Ohtani could make a championship run, while the Angels could stock up for the future. Of all the potential trade partners the Angels could explore, none are a better fit than Baltimore. Will it happen? We'll find out soon enough.