3 dream Angels manager candidates that feel out of reach

It's nice to dream once in a while
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2) Skip Schumaker

I know, I know. Skip Schumaker is currently the Marlins manager. The chances of them giving him up are certainly not high. That's why we're dreaming, and not projecting.

The Miami Marlins were one of the big surprises of the 2023 season, making the postseason against all odds. Skip Schumaker was a big reason why. Miami had an absurd 33-14 record in one-run games this past season, after being one of the worst teams in baseball in those situations in 2022. Schumaker constantly pushed the right buttons. It's not hard to see the impact he had for that team. It might've been his rookie year as a manager, but he could win the NL Manager of the Year award.

There're a couple of reasons why I have Schumaker on this list of dream candidates. First, he's from Southern California. Is there a chance Schumaker could decide to return home to Orange County where he still resides to this day.

Second, Schumaker was reportedly very upset with Miami's decision to part with General Manager Kim Ng. This makes sense as Ng was the one who hired him, and she also played a huge role in Miami building a roster good enough for Schumaker to lead to October. Schumaker could potentially be upset enough to want to leave. Of course, this doesn't mean Miami will let him go, but it's something the Angels should at least explore.