3 dream Angels manager candidates that feel out of reach

It's nice to dream once in a while
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3) Joe Espada

Joe Espada has been coaching for a long time, having jobs with both the Marlins and Yankees before joining Houston, and has accomplished just about everything except finally netting that big league managerial gig.

He's a name fans constantly hear each and every offseason, but no team has hired him to manage. I believe a big reason for that has to do with Espada eyeing a certain job. The Astros. Espada has been the Astros bench coach since 2018 under two terrific managers in A.J. Hinch and Dusty Baker. He's learned a lot, and is clearly more than worthy of a shot.

In addition to his lengthy MLB career, Espada has managed for Team Puerto Rico in the WBC. He's also managed in the Puerto Rican League. He's been all over the map, just lacking that one job.

With Dusty Baker retiring, this is Espada's chance to land that Astros job. I'd be surprised if Espada doesn't wind up being their manager but in the off chance Houston passes, could Espada look elsewhere? Perhaps in the division? I don't think the Angels will land him, but it'd be a great get.

I'd understand some hesitation considering the fact that he lacks MLB managerial experience, but he's done so much around the game and has managerial experience in just about every other level. Every good manager starts somewhere. There's little reason to believe he'll be a bust.