3 dream starting pitchers for the Angels to trade for this offseason

Adding to this rotation should be a must for Perry Minasian
Wild Card Series - Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays - Game One
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The Los Angeles Angels came into this season thinking their rotation would be one of the best in the American League. The crazy thing is, their opinion was justified. In 2022 the Halos had the sixth-best starting pitcher ERA in all of baseball. The team wasn't good, but the rotation was. Particularly in the second half.

The rotation was young, and looked like it improved with the Tyler Anderson signing. The Angels definitely needed to sign another starter, but it still felt like the rotation wasn't going to be the reason the team fails in 2023. Starting pitching wasn't the only reason the Angels failed, but the rotation took a major step back.

As we enter the 2023 offseason, the 2024 rotation looks incredibly bleak with Shohei Ohtani, even if he does stay, not pitching. The Angels should look in free agency to add pitching with the abundance of good starters available, but there's a decent chance they'll be priced out. If that does happen, they'll resort to the trade market. If they do look to make a trade for a starter, these three would be the dream acquisitions.

And yes, Corbin Burnes would be nice, but the chances of the Angels actually having enough to land him are slim. These adds would be somewhat realistic.

1) Tyler Glasnow

The Tampa Bay Rays are a franchise the Angels should admire as they operate with an incredibly low payroll and still find ways to win a ton of games. While it's definitely impressive what they do, it also means good players on their team for the most part have an expiration date. They're going to be traded once they get too expensive.

Tyler Glasnow is a prime example. He is in his last year of team control before hitting free agency, and is set to make $25 million in 2024. Because of that pricetag and the fact that Tampa will likely not re-sign him, they could look to trade him for something before losing him for nothing. There's precident for this as the Rays traded Blake Snell after a World Series appearance.

Glasnow comes with some concerns. The obvious one is durability. The 21 starts he made this season and 120 innings he threw set career-highs. A pitcher as injury prone as Glasnow joining a team that always gets decimated with injuries might not be the best pairing, but the lack of durability and team control should lower his value to a point where the Angels can actually land him.

When healthy, Glasnow is a legit ace. He posted a 3.53 ERA this season and has a 3.03 ERA since 2019. The problem is he's averaged just 12 starts per season. It's a gamble the Angels would be taking on Glasnow staying healthy, but teams rarely win anything without taking risks.