3 factors that made August of 2023 the worst month in Angels franchise history

The Los Angeles Angels just wrapped up what might have been the worst month in franchise history.
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies
Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Angels entered the month of August with a lot of hope. They were 56-51 at the end of July, and were right in the thick of postseason contention.

Perry Minasian showed that he believed in this group of players by going all-in at the trade deadline. Several of this team's top prospects were traded in exchange for players that were to help the Angels win right now. It's safe to say that didn't happen.

The Angels ended the month by winning a wild game in Philadelphia, but the rest of the month was so disastrous to the point where it can be argued that it's the worst month in the history of this franchise. Here are three reasons why.

1) The LA Angels run differential was laughably bad as they played uncompetitive baseball for much of the month

The Angels attempted to go on a run this month, yet managed to play completely uncompetitive baseball for much of it. Not only did they lose a lot, they lost badly.

This month included an 18-4 loss, a pair of 11-3 defeats, a 12-0 loss, and a 12-5 loss. These losses came against quality opponents like the Braves, Astros, and Rays, but it once again proved the Angels were completely outclassed.

Their -74 run differential in the month of August was the worst of any month in franchise history. Think about that. This team that had just gone all in expecting to win, had a month worse than every Angels team ever.

They went from five games over .500 and 3.5 games back of a postseason spot (4.5 back in the AL West) to a team that ended the month six games under .500, 11.5 games back of a playoff spot (12.5 back in the AL West), and completely out of contention.

The Angels entered the month with a +28 run differential after beating the best team in baseball in Atlanta, and have seen that number dip to -46. Eight of the nine series they had this month came against winning teams. They lost seven of the eight, only taking two of three from the Giants. This was the time for them to prove they could beat good teams, but they fell flat on their faces.