3 former Angels players failing miserably with their new teams in 2023

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2) Former Angels player failing miserably with his new team: Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard signed a one-year deal to come to Anaheim and help bounce back from Tommy John Surgery. The right-hander wasn't awful, posting a 3.83 ERA in 15 starts, but it was clear that he simply wasn't the same guy. His velocity was way down, and he wasn't striking anybody out. The guy people once called Thor was anything but intimidating even if he was effective.

With the Angels out of contention and Syndergaard on an expiring contract, the team traded him to the Phillies for Mickey Moniak. While Moniak hasn't made an impact on this year's team, he had a great Spring Training, has played pretty well in the minors, and looks to be a piece for the future. Syndergaard on the other hand, continues to regress.

The right-hander was alright in Philadelphia posting a 4.12 ERA, but found himself out of the rotation towards the end of the season. He made a couple of postseason starts, but struggled in his World Series appearance.

Syndergaard as a free agent got offers from a bunch of teams, but made it a point to go back to California, only to sign with the Dodgers. His reasoning was valid, as we've seen what the Dodgers have done with a guy like Tyler Anderson, but even Mark Prior hasn't seemed to get him back on track.

Syndergaard has a 6.58 ERA through five starts. He has 21 strikeouts in 26 innings pitched while allowing 32 hits. He remains a pitch-to-contact guy which isn't bad, but isn't the Thor of old. The Dodgers won his most recent start after he allowed seven runs in four innings. In his other four starts, they're 0-4. It hasn't been great for either side as the Dodgers aren't winning when he pitches and Syndergaard isn't regain