3 greatest LA Angels catchers of all-time

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Bengie Molina, Ervin Santana
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No. 2 greatest LA Angels catcher of all-time: Bengie Molina

After a couple of call-ups in the late 1990’s, Bengie Molina made the LA Angels ballclub as a starter in 2000. He quickly established himself as a fine defensive catcher. 

During his rookie season Molina’s offensive numbers exploded as he became one of Major League Baseball’s best receivers. 

His LA Angels career really came together in 2002. Molina won the first of two Gold Glove Awards and led the LA Angels to their only World Series win. 

Through 2005 the LA Angels would win two American League West championships with Molina behind the plate. 

Molina was also a great contact hitter. He struck out only 231 times in 716 career games with the LA Angels. His contributions helped the ballclub during their most successful era in LA Angels history.