3 hitters the Angels could've gotten instead of C.J. Cron and Randal Grichuk

Listing 3 players who the Angels realistically could've landed in a trade before the trade deadline.
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Tim Anderson, SS, White Sox

Tim Anderson is having his worst season since 2018 where he batted .240. This season he's batting .245. Nobody saw this coming because Anderson has consistently been one of the most consistent hitters in all of baseball for the last few seasons, dating back to him winning the batting title in 2019. When he started the season off slow, everyone expected him to pick it up, but it never came.

Meanwhile, the White Sox have also underperformed their expectations falling completely out of the race for the playoffs and finding themselves in a position to get rid of some of the expiring contracts on their team. Anderson, who has a team-controlled option at the end of this season, could very well be traded for some serious pieces barring a resurgence at the end of this year into next year.

If the Angels were willing to take a gamble, they could trade the White Sox some serious minor league pieces in exchange for Anderson. He would add some depth to the middle infield that has already become pretty thin of late and would give Anderson a change of scenery to a contending team. Additionally, the team option would give the Angels flexibility into next season where they could choose to move on, or even keep him for another season hoping he returns completely to form.