3 Angels players who've already won a roster spot for next year thanks to their September performance

The team has been bad, but these players are sticking out in a good way.
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2) LA Angels pitcher Ben Joyce has already won a roster spot for next season

It's hard to find a reliever in recent memory Angels fans have been more excited to watch pitch than Ben Joyce. Who can blame them? His ability to hit triple digits with his fastball consistently to pair with a wipe-out slider makes him untouchable when he commands his pitches. He's been pretty unhittable since returning from his long IL stint.

In his six appearances this month, Joyce has allowed just one hit. That one hit was a seeing-eye single off the bat of MVP candidate Corey Seager. He's had solid command in most of his appearances this month, and that's helped him keep the opposition off the board.

The Angels bullpen will have a new look once again with Carlos Estevez and Jose Soriano as the only definites as of now. Ben Joyce, despite only ten MLB appearances under his belt, should be joining that group.

The Angels will need to sign multiple relievers including at least one left-hander this offseason. Having Joyce locked into their bullpen plans lessens the need for arms at least a little bit. He'll be very fun to watch and could even be closing games at some point next season.