3 Angels players who've already won a roster spot for next year thanks to their September performance

The team has been bad, but these players are sticking out in a good way.
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3) LA Angels infielder Michael Stefanic has already won a roster spot for next season

Eventually, the Angels have to figure out what they want to do with Michael Stefanic. He's been awesome in the minors throughout his career and is already 27-years-old. All he lacked was an opportunity, and now that he's gotten it down the stretch, he's run away with it.

Stefanic only was brought up to be a full-time player on September 19, but has been swinging a very hot bat in the games he has played. He has at least one hit in each of the eight games he's started down the stretch, and has 13 knocks in 28 at-bats overall.

Stefanic doesn't have much power, but again, not everyone from top to bottom has to have power. He puts the ball in play and keeps innings going. Additionally, Stefanic has played both second and third base and has played fine defense. He was part of an amazing double play the Angels turned in Minnesota.

He won't have a starting role guaranteed, as Brandon Drury figures to be the team's second baseman with Anthony Rendon (if healthy) at third. Stefanic can produce as a quality backup infielder as he's shown the ability to play two positions.

Stefanic, albeit in a short sample, is starting to prove that he can hit at this level. He's earned the opportunity to play, even in a reserve role, next season from the jump.