3 LA Angels That Can Win Comeback Player of The Year

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While players are preparing for the new season and the LA Angels continue to improve the team, there are players on the team with a lot to prove next season. While the results last season were not what the team was hoping for, there are players that did not contribute enough which in turn helped result to the unfortunate season. There are at least 3 players that are poised for a huge comeback next season and really need to step up if the team wants to have a huge 2023.

1) Angels player that can win comeback player of the year: Anthony Rendon

Of course, we have to talk about the biggest miss of the 2022 season which is the Angels big name third baseman, Anthony Rendon. He's going into his 4th season with the team and while fans are going to wait and see if he's going to start producing, the wait might be worth it based on his stats after some time with the Nationals.

Besides a tremendous 2014 season which saw him with a OPS+ of 126 and playing a personal record of 153. There was a stretch of exactly 4 seasons that saw him progressively get better from 2016-2019 where he averaged an OPS+ of 135 and slashed .299/.384/.528 during that span. Of course, 2020 was a little different with a smaller sample size, but that was Rendon's first season in the American League, and guess what? 2023 will be his 4th season with the team as he should be more familiar with pitchers.

In an article by Sports Illustrated, it reads "He's my pick for Comeback Player of the Year," Minasian said at the Winter Meetings. "I think he's going to have an unbelievable year. We all know how good he is when he's healthy. And he's had some injuries that aren't necessarily common. So I think, he's in the weight room, he's getting strong, he's focused. He wants to win." This should excite fans that are hoping to see the former third base All-Star get back to form as Angels general manager Perry Minasian spoke highly of him.