3 LA Angels That Can Win Comeback Player of The Year

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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2) Angels player that can win comeback player of the year: David Fletcher

David Fletcher is another player to keep an eye on when debating players making a comeback. While he may not produce insane power numbers like Trout or Ohtani, he's going to play for the Angels almost every day for his versatility. David Fletcher has always been a tough at-bat for pitchers, but in 2021 and 2022, teams started figuring him out and placed fielders very shallowly.

Fans should remember that Fletcher was out for a few months due to surgery for his adductor muscles which also resulted in his lack of production. In 2022, he slashed .255/.288/.333 with an abysmal OPS+ of 77 in a total of 61 games which made adding more depth even more important for the team. In an interview in an article for The Athletic, Perry Minasian stated "I think we've all seen what David Fletcher is when he's healthy... I think he's going to have a way better year than he's had the last two." His ability to play nearly every position on the field makes him a comeback candidate as he'll always be on the field as long as he is not hurt.