3 LA Angels trade candidates on MLB Trade Rumors 'Post-Lockout Trade Candidates' list

Sep 15, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;  Cincinnati Reds pitcher Luis Castillo (58) may be traded to the LA Angels this offseason.
Sep 15, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Cincinnati Reds pitcher Luis Castillo (58) may be traded to the LA Angels this offseason. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Angels have been linked to several trade candidates in rumors this offseason.

Three of them--or rather two and a speculated candidate (you'll see where I'm going with this eventually)--were just included on MLB Trade Rumors' writer Steve Adams' 'Post-Lockout Trade Candidates' list.

These three are Luis Castillo, Frankie Montas, and Pablo Lopez. Now, of course, one of these is not like the other. When Jim Bowden reported that the Angels were in on Castillo and Montas, he did not also list Lopez.

There have been no direct rumors of the Angels and Lopez, however, Bowden did report that the Halos have been talking to the Marlins about acquiring pitching. Perhaps he was talking about Lopez, who has been known as one of the top Marlins trade candidates this offseason, and clearly still is. In fact, Lopez is the only Marlin listed, so maybe he is the most likely trade chip, and maybe the Angels will test that.

The LA Angels should go after Luis Castillo, Frankie Montas, and Pablo Lopez this offseason, in order.

The LA Angels were rumored to be the front-runners for Luis Castillo, but the hold-up was supposed to be the Reds' willingness to trade him. If MLBTR is including him in lists like this, however, things may have changed. Or, at least, those original rumors about the Reds wanting to keep him may not carry a ton of weight.

As for Frankie Montas, he was expected to be on this list. If the Halos could acquire Montas, who is coming off of an even better year than Castillo, it would be almost as important of a move. Either one would make for a very successful move.

Castillo is a career-3.72 ERA pitcher with a 123 ERA+ and 9.8 K/9 rate. Montas is coming off of a year where he had a 3.37 ERA and FIP to go along with 10 K/9. Both would be massive for the Halos.

As for Lopez, it gets a bit more complicated. Lopez has been outstanding these past couple of years when he's ON the field, however he wasn't on the field too much this past year. From 2020 to 2021, he posted a 3.26 ERA and 3.22 FIP to go along with a 132 ERA+.

Last year, however, he only started 20 games, so the availability wasn't quite there. The Halos would be getting a good player in Lopez, but would be adding an injury-prone player to an already injury-prone team. It's worth calling the Marlins about Lopez, but the team needs to make sure they don't give up too much.

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The Angels need to nail the rest of this offseason. Part of that needs to be making the right moves in the trade market after the lockout.