3 middle-of-the-order bats the Angels need to sign this off-season to replace Ohtani

The Angels have to upgrade their offense.
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3) Lourdes Gurriel Jr. 

Now before you ask, no he is not the one that made racist gestures toward former Dodgers pitcher Yu Darvish. That was his brother Yuli Gurriel. Lourdes had a productive season last year as he slashed .261/.309/.463 with an OPS+ of 108.

He was also an All-Star last season as he is another utility player that the Angels can put virtually anywhere on the field. He primarily left field, shortstop, and second base which means that he can provide much-needed depth to the team overall. 

Similarly to Merrifield, Gurriel should not cost the Angels as much as Bellinger if they once again focus on spending under the luxury tax. He also won’t hunker down the Designated Hitter position so that way other players can rotate throughout the lineup however Angels manager Ron Washington sees fit. 

Any of these players would make great additions to an Angels lineup that is in desperate need of another big bat that Ohtani had. They also won’t hog up the DH spot which already promotes the flexibility in the lineup that the Angels did not have. It will depend on whether the team wants to sprinkle around the money they have or go and get a star.