3 MLB Draft prospects the Angels should look out for

Don't be surprised if the Angels select one of these players in the MLB Draft
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3) LA Angels draft target: Chase Dollander

Of course, we can't go without mentioning a pitcher that could be on the Angels' radar if they want to go that route. Dollander is being projected as a front-line starter and while he did have a down season in terms of numbers, that might help him fall to the Angels if other teams are scared he won't pan out.

According to MLB.com, Dollander has top-shelf stuff that makes it hard to see him fall toward the Angels, but crazier stuff has happened. His scouting report reads "Dollander's devastating arsenal begins with a 95-97 MPH fastball that peaks at 99 and produces elite swing and miss rates. His best secondary pitch is a tight slider that parks in the mid-80s and reaches 91 MPH."

You can never have too much pitching and the Angels have failed to develop their own front-line starter since Jered Weaver. Sam Bachman had that hope of being the first-round pick two years ago, but his being used in the bullpen may have changed those plans.

The LA Angels farm system has been thin all over the baseball field with some of their top prospects getting called rather early thanks in part to general manager, Perry Minasian's aggressive approach. There doesn't seem like a bad option for the team as these three players all have huge potential. But, with where the team is at with the big league club, they will need to hit on another prospect.