3 more former Angels players the team should consider bringing back after Matt Moore

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The Los Angeles Angels signed Matt Moore in a move that should pay off in a big way for the bullpen. What Angels fans are used to being a huge weakness has actual potential to be a strength in 2024 thanks to the Moore and Robert Stephenson signings.

Part of what makes the Moore deal so exciting is he's succeeded with the Angels already, pitching extremely well for them last season. Moore was a set-up man for Carlos Estevez and figures to take on the same role in 2024. Moore joins Luis Garcia as former Angels the team has brought back this offseason, and there's a chance there will be more.

Bringing Moore back was an absolute no-brainer, but here are three more former Angels Perry Minasian should consider bringing back to Anaheim.

1) Gio Urshela

Not many of the moves that the Angels made last offseason wound up working out, but the Gio Urshela trade sure did;. Yes, he didn't provide as much power as expected, but when healthy, he certainly produced.

The 32-year-old slashed .299/.329/.374 with two home runs and 24 RBI. He saw time at all four infield positions, and was always a player Phil Nevin could rely on to put together a professional at-bat no matter the moment.

Urshela was brought in mainly to be Anthony Rendon insurance last season, but his season-ending injury got in the way of him playing in that role for a long period of time. He'd be brought back to play the exact same role primary, with some added versatility as well.

Rendon cannot be relied on to play more than 60 games. He hasn't done it once in his four years as an Angel, so as he continues to get older, you'd figure the injury woes will only get worse. He can surprise the Angels and play in a good amount of games, but the Angels can't count on that happening. Having a solid backup plan for if/when Rendon lands on the IL would be wise, and they can't do much better realistically than Gio Urshela.