3 offseason mistakes the Angels are paying for right now

If they didn't make these mistakes, the Angels would've been in a better spot than they're in
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2) The LA Angels are paying the price for signing Tyler Anderson

When the Angels signed Tyler Anderson I was excited. No, I didn't expect the southpaw to repeat the all-star season he had with the Dodgers. I did expect a whole lot more than what the Angels have gotten, however.

Anderson wasn't brought here to be a frontline starter. If the Angels expected him to be an ace, they would've given him a whole lot more than the three years and $39 million they wound up paying him. They brought Anderson in to pitch in the middle of this rotation, mentor the young arms of this staff, and eat innings. He hasn't been successful in any of these areas.

Through 21 appearances (20 starts), Anderson has a 5.28 ERA in 109 innings pitched. He's completed six innings just eight times after doing so 20 times last season, and he's had several starts in which he was simply uncompetitive. Anderson has seen his walk rate double from 4.8% last season to a whopping 9.6% this season, and he's seen his home run rate increase as well.

Anderson looks like he's in decline in his age 33 season, and the Angels are stuck with him for another two. What felt like a bargain contract relative to the deals other pitchers signed now looks like an albatross. I do expect some improvement from Anderson down the stretch, but it's pretty clear the Angels would've been better off with a different pitcher.