3 offseason mistakes the Angels are paying for right now

If they didn't make these mistakes, the Angels would've been in a better spot than they're in

Chicago White Sox v Los Angeles Angels
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3) The LA Angels are paying for not going all in early enough

The Angels had a wild offseason bringing in veterans to help contribute. Players like Anderson, Hunter Renfroe, Gio Urshela, Matt Moore, and Carlos Estevez among others were brought in to try and help this Angels team make the postseason.

The unfortunate part of this was the Angels didn't quite go all in. They remained under the luxury tax despite having other clear holes. The biggest hole that was left unaddressed until the deadline was adding another starting pitcher. The Angels wound up having to trade their top prospect for Lucas Giolito instead of just simply re-signing Tyler Anderson who was an all-star this season.

The Angels broke camp without a legitimate shortstop. Gio Urshela wasn't bad, but the Angels hit the panic button and promoted Zach Neto after just 44 minor league games. Neto has been a great piece for this team when healthy, but there's no way that was the plan.

The Angels broke camp with a bullpen that is unrecognizable compared to the group they have out there now. The Estevez and Moore additions were great, but it was clear at the time they needed to add another arm, and had to wait until the deadline to do so.

The Angels fielded their deepest roster in years but because of the luxury tax, they refused to go all in. Of course, they did go all in after the deadline, but that was when this team was already on the outside looking in when it came to a postseason spot with a brutal August schedule looming. We know how that has played out in hindsight.

Had the Angels simply blown past the luxury tax in the offseason like we've seen Arte Moreno had the capability of doing, this team could've been in a better spot.