3 Phillies players the Angels should demand in a Mike Trout trade

The Phillies feel like the only somewhat-realistic fit for Mike Trout.
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The Los Angeles Angels are headed for their eighth straight losing season and their ninth straight with no playoffs. Their failure to field a winning team for almost a decade now has caused some serious rumors to swirl, mainly around the franchise's two best players in Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.

Ohtani's situation is a bit more dire for the Angels as he's set to hit free agency and can be in another team's uniform if he chooses in just a matter of months. Trout on the other hand, is under contract, so the Angels do have more control with his situation.

Current rumors suggest that the Angels are willing to move Mike Trout if he requests a trade. It's unlikely that a trade would actually go down, but according to Robert Murray of FanSided, the obvious fit would be Philadelphia. If an unlikely trade to the Phillies were to go down, the Angels would need at least one of these three players in return to make a trade worth their while.

1) Phillies outfielder Brandon Marsh

Well, this is awkward. If Mike Trout wants the Phillies, and the Phillies want Trout, the Angels should be asking for Brandon Marsh in return. Yes, it is their former player who didn't perform with the team prior to becoming a Phillie, but no, that shouldn't matter. Marsh was traded at the deadline in 2022 in the deal that got the Angels Logan O'Hoppe. It's looked like a win-win so far.

Marsh has broken out as a member of the Phillies. He swung a hot bat after they acquired him last season, had a couple of big hits in the postseason, and has had an awesome year for them this season.

Marsh is slashing .286/.377/.464 with 10 home runs and 53 RBI in 119 games this season. He's tied for 12th among all outfielders with a 121 WRC+. He's ahead of established stars like Fernando Tatis Jr., George Springer, and Kyle Schwarber. Pretty impressive.

We all know Marsh plays a very capable outfield defensively and has a ton of speed. If the Angels were to lose Trout, replacing him with a 25-year-old who has really come into his own wouldn't be the worst thing.