3 players the Angels should have signed last offseason who are now in the World Series

Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Two
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game Two / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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3) Travis Jankowski

Travis Jankowski signed a minor league deal to join the Texas Rangers this past offseason. He won an Opening Day roster spot despite being on a minor league deal and wound up staying on the roster all year.

Jankowski played a key role for Texas this season especially early, as in the 107 games he appeared in he'd slash .263/.357/.332 with one home run and 30 RBI. He tacked on 19 stolen bases in 20 tries as well as 12 doubles.

If the Angels signed Jankowski, it wouldn't have been to start regularly. They could've easily signed him to the same minor league deal Texas did and given him the chance to win the team's fourth outfielder job instead of guaranteeing it to Brett Phillips who signed a MLB deal.

Phillips was a fine signing for the role he'd be asked to play for the team this season as he was rarely asked to hit, but it would've been nice to have someone who was at least capable to stand in the box and put up a good fight. He got on base at a very nice clip this season and despite his lack of power, still had an OPS+ of 90. Phillips had a 63 OPS+ when given the chance to hit.

Jankowski is a guy known for his speed and defense just like Phillips who can add a whole lot more offensively. The Angels could've gotten him on a cheaper deal and had him make the team instead of Phillips. Expecting Jankowski to be as good as he was probably isn't fair, but expecting him to be better than Brett Phillips certainly is.

The Phillips signing didn't make or break the Angels, but it certainly could've been improved upon.