3 players the Angels organization failed or mishandled

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3) The LA Angels have failed Mike Trout by not surrounding him with a winning roster

Mike Trout is one of the rare Angels player development success stories. He turned from a late first round pick into one of the best players this game has ever seen. He's the best player in franchise history, and will be in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot.

Despite all of Trout's individual success, the Angels have made the postseason one time in his career. Trout has stuck with the franchise through all of the bad, and even signed an extension to remain an Angel for life. Since signing that extension, the Angels have rewarded him with no postseason berths and no winning seasons.

The failures of this front office cannot go unnoticed. Every big contract the Angels have given out, hasn't worked. Albert Pujols was a good player, he wasn't the Pujols he was in St. Louis. Josh Hamilton was a disaster. Justin Upton was awful. Anthony Rendon has been a huge mistake so far. Nothing has worked.

The Angels did bring in Shohei Ohtani, but even Ohtani couldn't help Trout get back to the postseason. The unwillingness of Arte Moreno to go all in combined with the incompetence of Billy Eppler and other Moreno failures has cost the Angels in a big way. If things don't turn around this season, it's very possible Ohtani can be wearing another uniform next season.

The inability for the Angels to successfully build around Mike Trout has been extremely demoralizing. Hopefully this can change this year.

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