3 postseason contenders that should have claimed Angels outfielder Randal Grichuk off waivers

Randal Grichuk would've helped many teams squeak into the postseason with the outstanding September he has had.
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels
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2) The Cincinnati Reds should've claimed Randal Grichuk off waivers

The Cincinnati Reds feel like a very obvious team that regrets not claiming Randal Grichuk. In their effort to squeak into the playoffs and perhaps make some noise, the Reds chose to claim another Angels outfielder, Hunter Renfroe, off waivers. Renfroe's power bat in that park seemed like a great fit at the time, but boy, did he struggle.

Renfroe's Reds career actually got off to a good start when he had a walk-off RBI on a fielder's choice in just his third game with the club, but things went very downhill very quickly. Overall, he had five hits in 39 at-bats with the Reds, tallying one home run with four RBI in 14 games (nine starts).

The 79-75 Reds, who are just 0.5 games back of a playoff spot right now, DFA'd Renfroe amidst his struggles and just released him. They gave Renfroe a little over two weeks to show his worth, and he failed to do so.

Renfroe had his struggles with the Angels, but they were heightened with the Reds. Had Cincinnati claimed Grichuk and played him in the exact same role they had Renfroe in, chances are he would've at least done a little better. It would've been hard for him to do any worse.