3 prospects the Angels should be happy they held on to at the deadline

The Angels traded away a slew of prospects at the trade deadline but should be happy these three remain with the organization
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The Los Angeles Angels made a massive statement at the trade deadline that they're all in on 2023. It remains to be seen whether this move was justified or not as the Halos sit four games back of the final Wild Card spot having to leapfrog ahead of a bunch of teams, but they did pick a direction which was very important.

The Angels decided to put their best foot forward and try to win in 2023 with hopes of retaining Shohei Ohtani and who can blame them? The unfortunate reality of that situation is while 2023 should be better, the Angels weakened their already subpar farm system.

Top prospects Edgar Quero and Ky Bush went to Chicago for Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez. The Angels also traded away a ton of their minor league pitching to add players like Mike Moustakas, Eduardo Escobar, Randal Grichuk, and C.J. Cron. The system is definitely weaker, but the Angels also held onto some promising prospects.

1) The LA Angels should be happy they held onto Kyren Paris at the trade deadline

The Angels had two representatives at the Futures Game this season. One was Edgar Quero, their top prospect who was moved for Giolito and Lopez. The other representative was Kyren Paris.

I'm not here to tell you Paris is the prospect Quero is, because that's not true. The Angels traded away a guy who could wind up being a special catcher one day. Paris, however, has a chance to be a pretty good player in his own right.

The 21-year-old is slashing .243/.373/.415 with 13 home runs and 39 RBI. He's tacked on 17 doubles and 31 stolen bases (in 36 attempts). Paris is a player with speed and power as a middle infielder which should get fans excited.

He does have to work on his hit tool. The average is a bit low, and he's struck out 121 times already in 337 at-bats. However, if he can ever improve that, this guy could have a really bright future with the tools he does have. He's already set a career high in home runs, is on his way to do so in stolen bases, and is sound defensively.