3 prospects the Angels should be happy they held on to at the deadline

The Angels traded away a slew of prospects at the trade deadline but should be happy these three remain with the organization
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2) The LA Angels should be happy they held onto Nelson Rada at the trade deadline

Nelson Rada is the prospect I personally am most excited about in this Angels system. As a 17 year old he's already in Single-A and has had a really strong season. Rada is slashing .263/.395/.325 with two home runs and 38 RBI. The most impressive part of his stat line is the fact that he already has 43 stolen bases.

Rada is an on-base machine at such a young age, and has the ability to turn a walk into a double in an eye-blink. Again, he has a .395 OBP with 43 stolen bases as a 17-year-old in Single-A! At this rate, with how aggressively the Angels promote their prospects, would it be shocking to see Rada in the majors as a teenager assuming he continues to develop?

The power isn't quite there yet, but as a 17-year-old who still has plenty of room to grow, it's not unreasonable to think it won't come. He doesn't have to be a 30+ home run hitter to be effective either. Even if he hits 10-12 with his on-base ability and speed he can become quite the force.

Rada might only be the eighth-ranked prospect in the Angels system according to MLB Pipeline for now, but there's a good chance he ranks higher when the list updates and pushes towards being a top-100 prospect in the not-too-distant future.