3 reasons why the Angels getting under the luxury tax threshold in 2023 is a big deal

At least they did this right.
Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels
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3) This gives Arte Moreno more money to throw at Shohei Ohtani and every other free agent

20 percent on every dollar over the tax wouldn't have amounted to much with the Angels being so close to the tax to begin with, but with how cheap Arte Moreno has always been, every cent counts. The money he did not have to spend on overages can now be added onto an Ohtani contract.

It's pretty clear that Ohtani will not make his decision based solely on the money, but it'd be naive to assume money didn't play a big role. If a team like the Dodgers wasn't willing to meet his asking price, they wouldn't be the clear frontrunner even with them being out west and an annual contender. Money matters, whether Ohtani and any other athlete wants to admit it or not.

The Angels can add a bit onto whatever contract they were going to throw at Ohtani, knowing that the extra capital is from the money they had saved this past season. They can also use that money to throw at other free agents, whether Ohtani stays or goes. The difference in money might not land the Angels Ohtani, but for lesser-paid players like random relievers, adding an extra $1 million could be the difference.