3 reasons why the Angels are still in the running and 2 why they're not

Chicago Cubs v Los Angeles Angels
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2. Why the LA Angels are in the running: The bullpen remains elite

The LA Angels bullpen was a bright spot for the team last season and it continues in 2023 as the team has the 4th lowest ERA in MLB at 3.30 with some new additions as well. Adding arms such as Carlos Estevez, Chris Devenski, and Matt Moore has been a breath of fresh air as Moore is currently recovering from an injury.

Estevez has been the closer the team needed after they traded away Raisel Iglesias a season ago. He has a stellar 1.59 ERA with 17 saves on the season. Devenski has also been a great pickup as he has put up a 2.01 ERA and has proven to be a reliable go-to relief pitcher. He came over on a minor-league deal which shows that Perry Minasian went dumpster diving and found some really good treasure.

There have been a few exceptions however, Aaron Loup and Ryan Tepera have proven not to be good signings for the team as Tepera is no longer on the team. Loup is showing signs of life as Angels manager, Phil Nevin, has been still using him. In his last 7 appearances, Loup has an ERA of 2.57 and a 1.29 WHIP.