3 reasons why the Angels will be even worse in 2024

It might get worse before it gets better for the Angels.
Detroit Tigers v Los Angeles Angels
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3) There are no reasons to believe the Angels stars will stay healthy

Health wasn't the only reason the 2023 Angels collapsed, but to say it didn't play a role would be foolish. From top to bottom this team was absolutely obliterated by injuries, and it really cost them.

If Ohtani stays, there's obviously the concern of his elbow. He should be fine to hit, but it feels like he can re-aggrivate something with one swing. If Ohtani leaves, the injury concerns don't just disappear.

Mike Trout has averaged just 79 games played in the last three 162-game seasons after playing just 82 games in 2023. That's a major problem, and at age 32 it feels like that'll only get worse before it gets better. Anthony Rendon has had an even harder time staying on the field, averaging just 49 games played in the last three years. The worst part about Rendon's situation is that even if he stays healthy, it feels like he won't be any good. He has a .701 OPS since 2021.

Even outside of the highest paid players on the roster there're real injury concerns. Taylor Ward's season ended prematurely after being hit in the face. Is he going to healthy? If he's well enough to play can he remain productive? Luis Rengifo also saw his season end early due to injury. How will he recover?

Guys like Zach Neto, Logan O'Hoppe, Brandon Drury, Mickey Moniak, Chase Silseth, and Jo Adell all missed substantial time due to injuries in 2023. Can they stay healthy?

Chances are the Angels injury luck will be better than it was. It seriously feels like it can't get any worse. However, better doesn't mean good. If a slew of players on this team wind up missing serious time due to injury, the chances of them finishing with a better record in 2024 feel slim.