3 relief pitchers the Angels should target at the trade deadline

These 3 relievers would be solid additions without the Angels having to give up t
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2) Julian Merryweather, RHP, Chicago Cubs

Staying the in National League, Julian Merryweather is a solid right hand option. Coming to Chicago after playing with the Toronto Blue Jays for 3 seasons, Merryweather is 3-0 with a 3.83 ERA this season. Prior to this season, Merryweather has struggled to find a footing. Considering last season he finished with an ERA of 6.75 through 26 games, this season has been an incredible jump by nearly halving his ERA with nearly double the amount of innings pitched.

Depending on what the bids for Merryweather might look like from other teams, the trade package to get him could be relatively cheap. Since he is a free agent after this season the Cubs would be smart to try and move on from him by capitalizing on his successful season so far. If the Cubs are still trying to get over the bump in the next few seasons again and return to glory they could be looking for stronger MLB ready prospects from the Angels in return.

If the Cubs increase their asking price, I wouldn't expect the Angels to reach and send one of their higher prospects in return, but if the Cubs possibly shop Kyle Hendricks the Angels might be more willing to involve players like Jo Adell in their trade package.