3 relief pitchers the Angels should target at the trade deadline

These 3 relievers would be solid additions without the Angels having to give up t
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3) Jose Cisnero, RHP, Detroit Tigers

Now from the team the Los Angeles Angels just got done playing, is Jose Cisnero. Cisnero, is a 34-year-old right hander from the Dominican Republic. Cisnero has shown over his career to be a solid relief pitcher including a really good 2022 campaign with a 1.08 ERA through 28 games. In comparison to the other names, I've included on this list, Cisnero has the most impressive track record this far with the most proven ability. Cisnero shows he can still throw a mid-90's fastball, but his control could be something that teams are wary of. If he can continue to throw strikes, it'll allow Cisnero to dominate and be a force on any team he pitches for.

I think Cisnero is the biggest name player on this list and would definitely put more eyes on the Angels for being serious contenders in the American League. He would be a perfect 7th or 8th inning guy who could come in and shut down teams in high profile situations with his high strikeout percentages.

Since the Tigers are in a similar boat as the Rockies they would be looking for any strong prospect from the Angels in return. I don't expect the Angels to part with any of their top prospects unless it is for a large market player, so for a relief pitcher like Cisnero they might have to give them a mid-teens organizational prospect like Jeremiah Jackson or Mason Erla in return.