3 star pitchers the Angels should pursue in free agency instead of Blake Snell

Blake Snell would be a nice addition to the Angels rotation, but these pitchers are better fits.
Sep 25, 2023; San Francisco, California, USA; San Diego Padres starting pitcher Blake Snell (4)
Sep 25, 2023; San Francisco, California, USA; San Diego Padres starting pitcher Blake Snell (4) / Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports
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2) Jordan Montgomery

Angels fans had to watch their division rivals, the Texas Rangers, win the World Series. Jordan Montgomery played a huge role in that. He made a whole lot of sense as an Angels trade target, but the team instead pursued the Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez package while Texas snagged Montgomery.

The southpaw was nothing more than a solid mid-rotation arm in his time with the Yankees, but has really stepped up since departing New York. He pitched extremely well for the Cardinals after they acquired him at the 2022 trade deadline, helping them win their division. He then pitched extremely well for Texas after they acquired him at this year's deadline, helping them squeak into the playoffs. Montgomery then elevated his game in the postseason and helped Texas win the whole thing.

With Montgomery you know what you're going to get. He doesn't have the strikeout stuff Snell has, but is durable and can give a whole lot of innings. Snell might've pitched better than him this past season, but Montgomery pitched in more innings. You know virtually every night Montgomery is going to give six or seven strong innings and give your team a chance to win. That's extremely valuable.

Montgomery is also going to turn 31 in December but will likely come at a cheaper cost than Snell, is more reliable than Snell, and will not cost a draft pick like signing Snell would. Snell was issued and rejected the qualifying offer while Montgomery was not eligible to receive one. For a team in desperate need of a boost in their farm, holding onto the draft pick if they can is important.