3 things standing out the most in LA Angels remarkable season

Tampa Bay Rays v Los Angeles Angels
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No. 1 thing standing out the most in LA Angels remarkable season: They're having fun

The cowboy hat is in full effect for the LA Angels whenever they hit a home run. They also have put stickers on the hat for every home run they hit. This kind of camaraderie is exactly what the team has been missing and it's been that way in part of the injuries that have piled up in the past.

But this helps bring the team together and makes others take notice. This is one of the first things we've seen that the team has done to rally the team together and have fun. Of course, we have the rally monkey, but that's more for the fans, this cowboy hat celebration is for the team and they seem to enjoy it.

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For the future of bringing the team together, the pitching staff could also do some kind of passing the baton and get involved in having some fun of their own. It's great to see that the team can have their own type of fun and build the chemistry of the clubhouse together to bring in positive energy. They will especially need it for those long strains of games they have during the season.