3 trade deadline acquisitions who have been worthwhile additions for the Angels

In what's proven to have been an awful trade deadline overall, these three players have been worthwhile additions for the Angels.
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2) Mike Moustakas has been a worthwhile trade deadline addition for the LA Angels

The Mike Moustakas trade was an early one, as it was completed in late June, more than a month before the deadline. The Angels traded for Moustakas shortly after acquiring Eduardo Escobar in a separate deal in an effort to sure up their infield depth. Zach Neto was hurt, Anthony Rendon was hurt, and the Halos had gotten virtually no production from the first base position all year. That meant Perry Minasian had three positions to address with Brandon Drury the only player locked in at that point.

In years past, the Angels might've just gone along by calling up a random infielder in AAA but Perry Minasian continued to be aggressive and pulled off a deal you'd usually see in July one month early. The Angels might've fallen off, but it's not Moustakas' fault.

The Southern California native has slashed .262/.288/.452 with eight home runs and 26 RBI in 45 games with the Angels. Seven of the eight home runs he's hit have either tied the game or given the Angels a lead. He's been a rare example of a clutch Angel. Since joining the Angels, his 26 RBI are second on the team, only four behind Shohei Ohtani's 30.

Moustakas has been solid defensively at both corner infield positions, and took over as one of, if not the leader of the team fairly quickly. One can argue he's been the best trade addition the Angels have made this season.