3 ways for the Angels to handle the catcher position with Logan O'Hoppe out

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2) The LA Angels can make a trade for a catcher

The internal options are not great to say the least. Wallach and Thaiss do not give me or most Angels fans much confidence. With virtually no depth in AAA, looking for a trade feels like the most likely route for the Angels to take.

The issue is, it's only April and teams aren't exactly selling yet. This means the Angels would have to overpay to land a catcher they'd only need for this season. O'Hoppe might be done for most if not all of 2023, but he's still the guy for the future.

The trade options aren't exactly great, either. When looking at free agents after this season we see players like Yasmani Grandal, Omar Narvaez, and Mike Zunino. The Angels can also look into players under contract like Carson Kelly and Elias Diaz who could be quality backups to O'Hoppe when he comes back.

Someone like Salvador Perez who's on an awful Royals team will likely be available, but he's under contract through the 2025 season at a $20.5 million AAV. This makes him someone the Angels will not target.

The Angels don't really have much to trade as their farm system isn't exactly littered with talent, and trading won't even be a realistic option until a couple of months from now.

For now, we just have to hope the Angels can tread water and we'll see names that become available closer to the deadline. Hopefully, Thaiss and Wallach shatter expectations and the Angels won't even need to make a trade. Unfortunately, this is unlikely.