3 ways for the Angels to handle the catcher position with Logan O'Hoppe out

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3) The LA Angels can promote Edgar Quero

Edgar Quero is the big wildcard here. Other than O'Hoppe and Zach Neto, Quero is the best prospect in the Angels system. He's a switch hitting catcher who can really hit and run. He'll be an exciting piece hopefully for years to come.

He won the MVP award in his league last season after putting up a .965 OPS in 111 games at Single-A Inland Empire. As fun as it'd be for Quero to be promoted, I don't see this happening anytime soon.

Quero is currently in AA Rocket City and has been unbelievable offensively. He's slashed .385/.529/.539 in 11 games there. He's drawn 11 walks to just nine strikeouts while also driving in ten runs in those 11 games. As impressive as that is, it's been just 11 games.

Zach Neto was promoted after 37 games and 149 official at-bats in AA. Quero has played 11 games and has 39 official at-bats at that level. Neto is two years older, and as hard as shortstop is to play, catcher is far more demanding. It'd be asking for so much to have Quero come up and be MLB ready on a team trying to win.

He very well could be an upgrade over what the Angels have behind the plate offensively right now, but his defense has been questionable at the AA level. It'd be even worse in the majors.

In this story by Sam Blum of The Athletic (subscription required), Blum asked Perry Minasian if Quero was an option. He had this to say in response.

"“I would consider everybody, yeah,” Minasian said. “If they’re in the organization, we’ll take a look and we’ll consider what our best options are.”"

Perry Minasian via Blum - The Athletic

Blum notes Minasian also didn't rule out bringing in an external option. If Quero is deemed ready, he'll be here. Minasian has proven he's not afraid to bring guys up when they're ready. He did it with Chase Silseth last year, and did it with Neto this season. Both had very little experience. It's possible Quero comes up this season, but it won't be until later on.

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