3 worst fears Angels fans might face this offseason

Any of these three outcomes occurring would be bad news for the Angels.
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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What once seemed like a promising season, the 2023 campaign has turned into a nightmare for Los Angeles Angels fans. The team was right in the thick of a postseason race led by their MVP Shohei Ohtani and had loaded up for a run to their first playoff berth in nearly a decade before completely collapsing and becoming the laughing stock they've been since 2014.

The worst part about this Angels situation is things could be even worse for this team in the not-too-distant future. The farm system is underwhelming, and the Angels could be losing their best player for nothing while Arte Moreno selling the team doesn't appear realistic.

These are three of Angels fans worst fears that very well could become reality in the coming months.

1) Shohei Ohtani leaving the LA Angels in free agency for nothing would be horrifying

You knew he'd find his way on here, and it's well warranted. Shohei Ohtani leaving the Angels would be a disaster. The team held onto him at the 2022 trade deadline when they could've gotten a historic haul. They held onto him at this past trade deadline when they could've gotten a big prospect or two. Both of these risks look awfully foolish now.

The Angels could be in their last month with the best player in baseball on their team. Shohei Ohtani could instantly walk out the door the minute free agency starts in search of a winning situation and go to a team like the Dodgers or even the Mariners which would truly be the nightmare situation. All the Angels would receive in return for Ohtani would be a compensatory pick.

What this team with a subpar MLB team and a bad farm system can't afford is their best player walking out the door for nothing. The worst part is it feels like that's the likely scenario. The Angels absolutely have a shot at retaining Ohtani, and I do believe they're more likely to do so now that he won't be pitching in 2024, but would anyone consider them the favorites?

The Angels' path to winning is hard enough with Ohtani here. They haven't won with Ohtani being extremely underpaid, it's very hard to see them winning when he's making roughly $50 million annually. With that being said, it's even harder to envision them winning with him leaving for nothing.