3 worst fears Angels fans might face this offseason

Any of these three outcomes occurring would be bad news for the Angels.
Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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2) Mike Trout demanding a trade is something LA Angels fans shouldn't want

Let's say Shohei Ohtani walks out the door. What would Mike Trout think about that? The future Hall of Famer has been incredibly loyal to this organization, but if Ohtani leaves, what exactly is there for Trout to turn to and say "I think we can win here." Short answer, not much.

Mike Trout demanding a trade from the only franchise he's ever known is not in the best interest of the organization. Part of this reason is because he's Mike Trout and the Angels uniform is the only one he should ever wear, and part of it is also because a Trout trade is extremely complicated and will likely not benefit the Halos.

First, Trout is still in the middle of the monster extension he signed with the Angels. In fact, he has another seven years for roughly $250 million left on his deal. That in itself is very hard to trade.

Second, Trout has had his own issues staying healthy. He has played just 82 games this season, has played over 100 games once in the last four seasons, and hasn't topped the 140 mark since 2016. Injuries are a massive concern, and Trout's not getting any younger.

The best-case scenario here is Trout chooses to stay. If he's traded, the chances the Angels clear his money while also getting a real return are very slim. He's said all the right things publicly, but you never truly know until the offseason concludes. His opinion can change at any given moment, especially if Shohei leaves.