3 worst moments of LA Angels' 14-game losing streak

Joe Maddon, LA Angels
Joe Maddon, LA Angels / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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The LA Angels are finally done with their abysmal 14-game losing streak that they hopped on when they finally beat the Boston Red Sox on Thursday night. The losing streak lasted from May 25th through June 8th.

Quite a bit happened within the franchise for it to take place, and the Halos are now outside the playoff picture as a result. They left Thursday's game having finally broken the losing streak, but 2.5 games out of the last wild card spot. They were sitting at 28-31. They were originally 27-17.

While there were many awful moments from the skid, there were three in particular that stung just a little bit more than one of just the losses themselves. In fact, one of the days of the streak, the team took two L's in one.

No. 3 worst moment of LA Angels' 14-game losing streak: The doubleheader sweep in New York

The LA Angels losing two games in one day is absolutely up there. It wasn't just that they lost them, too. It was also the way that they lost them. In the first game, Shohei Ohtani only lasted three-plus innings on the bump and gave up four runs and eight hits.

He also got picked off on the base paths. He went 1 for 8 at the plate that day (both games combined). The second game was painful too, as it was a very winnable game for the Halos. They lost 1-2 after they had an eighth inning lead. The bullpen couldn't finish the job.