4 Angels moves from 2023 that didn't work out as planned

Perry Minasian deserves a lot of blame for how this Angels season unfolded.
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The Los Angeles Angels are wrapping up their ninth straight season without a postseason berth and their eighth straight season finishing below .500. This team that was in contention for the entire first half and through the month of July has completely faltered down the stretch and instead of fighting for that elusive playoff berth, all this team really has to fight for now is to remain under 90 losses.

Injuries and regression from the Angels starting pitchers are two areas to look at when disecting why this Angels team missed the postseason, but Perry Minasian making some moves that aged horribly is another reason this team failed to improve.

These five moves were supposed to help the Angels in a big way get back to the playoffs, but instead, didn't make much of a positive impact at all.

1) The LA Angels signing Tyler Anderson turned out to be a disaster

When the Angels signed Tyler Anderson, they did not expect him to be the all-star pitcher he was in 2022. No team did. That's why he only got a deal that paid him $13 million annually when pitchers like Taijuan Walker and Jameson Taillon got closer to $20 million annually for more term. Anderson was simply expected to be a productive mid-rotation starter that ate innings. Unfortunately, he turned into one of the worst pitchers in the sport.

Anderson's first season with the Angels was bad really from start to finish. He had a couple decent stretches when he was doing alright, but he was mostly subpar on the mound, failing to give the Angels quality performance or length.

The southpaw had a 5.43 ERA in 27 appearances (25 starts) and 141 innings pitched. His ERA was the sixth-worst among pitchers with at least 140 innings pitched. Not where he wanted to be.

The one saving grace Anderson had was he was able to stay healthy. This Angels team has been ravaged with injuries all season long, but even that went away as Anderson's season ended prematurely due to injury. The Angels are stuck with Anderson who will be entering his age 34 season for another two seasons. The contract looks like a disaster, and he's a huge reason this rotation regressed as much as it did.