4 Angels players under contract for 2024 the fans are ready to move on from

At least move one of the four, Perry.
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2) LA Angels fans are already sick of Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson was supposed to provide stability to a rotation that took a huge leap forward in 2022. The Angels finished sixth in rotation ERA in all of baseball and Anderson was an all-star in his own right with the Dodgers. While the team didn't expect a repeat of Anderson's best year, they certainly expected better than what they got.

The southpaw was simply one of the worst pitchers in baseball when he took the mound. His 5.43 ERA finished as the fifth-highest among pitchers with at least 140 innings pitched. That is, not good.

The worst part is that it's hard to see him being much better in 2024. His 5.03 xERA suggests he was a bit unlucky, but a 5.03 ERA isn't going to do the Angels much good either. He's entering his age-34 season and has another two years on his contract. Anderson can certainly be good again, but who's going to predict that as he gets older?

The Angels attempted to get rid of Anderson through waivers along with several others but no teams bit as expected. Unless they want to attach a prospect to him, which should not be done, this is another player the Angels are unfortunately stuck with. Hopefully he can serve as a good mentor for the young arms and pitch a bit better in his own right. Again, hopes are low.