4 Angels players under contract for 2024 the fans are ready to move on from

At least move one of the four, Perry.
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3) LA Angels fans dreaded Jose Suarez starts when healthy

Jose Suarez opened the season with a guaranteed spot in the Angels rotation because he had a strong finish to his season. This made sense thinking that the 25-year-old had made a jump, but that couldn't be further from the truth, unfortunately.

Through six starts this season, Suarez had a 9.62 ERA in 24.1 innings of work. He received boos from the home crowd multiple times, especially after he allowed seven runs in the first three innings to a historically bad Athletics team. He came back from the IL in September and pitched better in relief, but looks like a pitcher without a role.

The Angels don't have much wiggle room with Suarez. He's a pitcher who has shown some flashes in the past, but he's out of options and has done absolutely nothing to even compete for a rotation job in 2024.

The Angels could use him in relief like they did down the stretch, but when you have no flexibility of sending him up and down bullpens are hard to manage. He should have a bit of value considering his youth and flashes shown in the past, hopefully they do consider exploring deals for him.