4 Angels players with the most to gain following the latest roster shake-up

Playing well down the stretch would bode well for these four Angels players.

Los Angeles Angels v Philadelphia Phillies
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4) Kolton Ingram can find his way onto the 2024 LA Angels roster with a big month

Of all of the young arms the Angels have brought up from the minors this year, Ingram probably has the worst stuff. His fastball tops out at 93-95, and his slider isn't quite as devastating as some of the others, but he's found a way to make it work in the minors.

Ingram had a great year in 2022 which got him placed on the 40-man roster initially, protecting him from the Rule 5 Draft, and this season he's done well also. Ingram had a 2.63 ERA in AA Rocket City and had a 3.49 ERA for AAA Salt Lake prior to being one of the many players the Angels called up to begin September.

With Matt Moore gone, Ingram and Aaron Loup are the team's only lefties. With Loup not pitching well for most of the season and likely not returning to the team in 2024, this is the Angels chance to really see how Ingram does in a lefty specialist role.

The Angels have no lefties in their 2024 bullpen as of now, so if Ingram can pitch well in September, he can make himself a name the Angels would have to consider.