4 Angels who proved their spring training was a fluke

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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3) LA Angels reliever Matt Moore allowed more home runs in Spring Training than he has in the regular season

Matt Moore was yet another high-priced reliever brought in by Perry Minasian coming off a career year. Moore was dominant for the division rival Rangers but signed pretty late with the Angels and struggled in his first Spring Training with the club.

Moore made nine appearances and allowed nine runs on 12 hits in 8.2 innings of work. Not exactly the best introduction to a new fan base desperate for a shutdown late-inning reliever.

Fortunately, Moore showed the fans that his Spring Training numbers meant nothing as when healthy, he's been dominant at the back-end of the Angels bullpen.

In his 22 appearances, Moore has a 1.44 ERA in 25 innings of work. He's recorded 12 holds without blowing a save, and has taken only one loss on the season. Moore has been lights out late in games alongside Estevez.

Moore has been a guy Phil Nevin could use in just about any situation. He's proven to be capable against righties and lefties, and he's been capable early and late in games.

Guys like Ryan Tepera and Aaron Loup pitched pretty well in Spring Training but struggled in the regular season. Estevez and Moore struggled and have been outstanding.