4 Angels who proved their spring training was a fluke

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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4) LA Angels pitcher Tyler Anderson's 1.35 Spring Training ERA feels like a distant memory

Moore and Estevez were the big bullpen signings, while Tyler Anderson was the big rotation addition. Anderson was coming off of a career year pitching for the Dodgers and was hoping to be the quality innings eater this rotation needed.

Anderson made three starts in Spring Training and looked great, posting a 1.35 ERA in 13.1 innings pitched. His WHIP was under 1.000 and he held opponents to a .159 average. Unfortunately, this has not carried over to the regular season.

Anderson has been anything but quality, posting a 5.64 ERA in his first 13 starts as an Angel. His WHIP sits at 1.587, his walks have shot up, his strikeouts have taken a massive dip, and he just doesn't look anything like the same guy who was so dominant last season.

I don't think anyone, including Perry Minasian, expected Anderson to be the all-star caliber pitcher he was last season, but after a great spring, I think we all expected him to slot in very nicely in the middle of the rotation. That's been very far from the case.

With another couple of years left on his deal after this season let's hope Anderson turns things around. Maybe a rough Spring Training will do the trick.