4 free agents the Angels should not bother getting into a bidding war over

These free agents should be targeted by the Angels, but only to a certain extent.
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4) J.D. Martinez

This offseason is incredibly weak when it comes to position player talent available. It really feels like there's Shohei and then there's everybody else.

J.D. Martinez has an argument for being the second-best hitter in this class. Not player, but pure hitter. That speaks to how good he is, but also again speaks to how weak the class is overall.

Things like his age (36) and the fact that Martinez is just a DH at this point of his career will obviously lower the contract he receives, however, that's not to say he won't get grossly overpaid. Once Ohtani comes off the market, Martinez instantly becomes an extremely attractive target for the teams that missed out on Shohei, including the Angels.

The Angels can give J.D. close to whatever he wants on a one-year deal (if Arte Moreno will go into the luxury tax) as there's very little risk in that. However, Martinez is likely to want at least two years, and that's where things get a bit more complicated.

Martinez's age and recent injury history combined with the fact that the Angels should look for some DH at-bats for guys like Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon don't exactly scream that they should be going all out to land a guy like J.D. He might age very poorly, and of course, clogs up the DH spot just about every day when healthy. Inquire, of course, but don't get too invested in the bidding for a 36-year-old DH.