4 LA Angels crack the 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers - Game Two
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Texas Rangers - Game Two / R. Yeatts/GettyImages

The 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot has officially been released, and four LA Angels cracked the ballot.

Unfortunately, it appears that none of them will be going in (if they are selected) as LA Angels.

That being said, the Halos were a part of their career, and some of them really had some great times playing with our franchise.

Torii Hunter, Mark Texeira, Bobby Abreu, and Tim Lincecum are the LA Angels on the ballot.

Some of these LA Angels didn't have the most notable moments of their careers here, but Torii Hunter certainly shined over here in Anaheim.

Hunter was an All-Star twice with the Halos, and won two Gold Gloves in his five years with the Angels. He was always solid offensively, hitting .286/.352/.462 (.814 OPS) and recorded a 122 OPS+. He'll likely go in as a Minnesota Twin, but his time with the Angels was certainly memorable.

As for Lincecum, he's one of the Angels that wasn't known for being an Angel much at all. The two-time Cy Young winner played just one season in Anaheim, going 2-6 and posting a 9.16 ERA. It was a very forgettable stretch of a very good career, allowing 16 hits, 2.6 home runs, and 5.4 walks per nine innings.

Abreu had his ups and downs in Anaheim. His first year was a good one, posting a .293/.390/.435 (.825 OPS) line while driving in 103 runs and stealing 30 bases.

After that, he had two more full seasons with the Halos where he wasn't great, but still got on base 35.3% of the time and posted a 112 OPS+. He was then traded to the Dodgers in the next season.

One of these players, however, had the best stretch of his career with the Halos. Texeira just couldn't be stopped back when he played in Anaheim.

Texeira hit .358/.449/.632 (1.081 OPS) when he came over to Anaheim. That's insane, and just as insane as the 13 home runs and 43 RBI he hit. He scored 39 runs too (again, we're talking just 54 games) and posted a 181 OPS+.

One of the best defensive first basemen in baseball, the guy had the full package for us. And we'll never forget the type of player he was in the playoffs for the Angels, hitting .467 and scoring four runs in four games.

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Sure, if these guys are selected, they likely won't be going in with Angels hats on. That doesn't take away their time here, and for some of these guys, that time here was really influential on their career.