4 Angels players who need to have a better month in May

Oakland Athletics v Los Angeles Angels
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3) LA Angels player who must be better in May: Taylor Ward

Taylor Ward has gone from a player who broke out last season to a player who's disappeared this season. In my opinion, he's been the most disappointing Angel this season. I expected an even better performance with Ward being fully healthy and hitting in front of a healthy Trout and Ohtani every day. This has not happened.

In fact, Ward has been so bad to the point where Zach Neto has been moved to the leadoff spot (and deservingly so!) In the two games Neto has hit from that spot since taking over, he's gotten on base four times.

After a great Spring Training and a hot start to the regular season, Ward has been in a massive slump for almost a month now. He's batting .208/.320/.311 with three home runs and 10 RBI. He looks lost at the plate.

Fortunately for the Angels, Ward has been an A+ defender in left field. Who can forget the Grand Slam robbery? While that's great, the Angels need his bat badly.

This offense should be so much better than it is. Trout and Ohtani haven't hit their peaks while Rendon and Ward have been awful. Those were supposed to be the four best bats this team has to offer. May is the time for them to turn it around.