4 Angels unexpected heroes to thank for series sweep over Red Sox

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels
Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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4) LA Angels pitcher Griffin Canning was an unexpected hero in sweep over the Red Sox

The theme of this season with the Angels starting pitching has been its inability to provide consistent length. Shohei Ohtani is usually pretty reliable in that regard, and Patrick Sandoval has had some starts in which he gives length but other than that, nothing.

Canning gets somewhat of a break considering he hadn't pitched since July of 2021 before returning in mid-April of this season, but still, he hadn't given much length.

Canning's season high in innings pitched was 5.1 innings which he's reached twice. He's usually a safe bet to go four or five before something blows up and ruins his night. Tuesday night against Boston saw Canning's best start in years.

The right-hander pitched seven brilliant innings. He allowed no runs on two hits with three walks and five strikeouts. The walks were a bit high, but when you allow just two hits who cares?

The Angels pitching against a potent Boston lineup this entire series was off the charts, with Barria and Canning in front of it. If anyone had those two pitchers combining for 12 innings to allow zero runs on four hits against this Boston team, hats off to them.